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HP Printer Support

HP Printer Support

Hewlett-Packard is by far the industry leader in consumer printers with a large range of products suited for different needs. HP was first to introduce all-in-one functionality in its printers. Most popular models are Laserjets, deskjets, officejets and photosmart printers. . Although HP printer has amazing quality and a very friendly user-interface, however set-up and installation process might be a little tedious for some users. We have large pool of dedicated HP technical support staff to help you through any issue that you might have with your HP products. Nirvaan-IT provides 24/7 expert help for Technical Support for Printers. A Printer is a Hardware which is required to print Text/Graphics from any electrical form, usually on a physical print media such as paper. There are many printers used as local peripherals, and are attached by a cable or in most case, a USB cable to a computer which serves as a document source. You don’t have to carry your printer anywhere. We can remotely log into your computer for an instantaneous fix. You can call our technicians any time round-the-clock to resolve various other issues related to your HP printer;such as

Installation and Setup

  • Setup/Installation of your Printer
  • Installation of Printer Drivers
  • Installation of Windows printer drivers
  • Setup your printer to work with your new machine
  • TCP/IP printer installation
  • Configuring network printer with your PC
  • Configuring the multiple capabilities of your printer device namely, scanner, copier etc
  • Wireless Network Setup And Maintenance

  • Get instant solutions for HP Black & White Laser Printers | Color Laser / LED Printers

    Driver and Software Issues
    • Driver Updates
    • Latest software updates
    • Resolving driver compatibility issues
    • Upgrade the firmware for your printer
    • Update drivers for newer operating systems

    Troubleshooting Common Issues of Printers
    • Correcting Plug and Play Errors
    • Troubleshooting carriage jam on a printer
    • Clearing print jobs in your print queue
    • Fixing printer turn offs
    • Troubleshooting of spooler error messages
    • Troubleshoot printing and scanning issues
    • Printer Software Optimization for improved performance
    • Replacing print heads and resetting combinations
    • Replacing print (inkjet) cartridges
    • Replacing toner cartridge in Laser printer
    • Fixing printer turn offs.
    • Hardware advice and upgrade help.
    • Ratio fixation while printing.
    • Common log errors
    • Error codes on screen.
    • Resetting the printer

    Why Nirvaan-IT Support For Your Computer Or Laptop?
    • 24x7 Online Unlimited Technical Support for Printer issues or setup
    • Comprehensive support for your computer or laptop
    • Online Identity and Data security

    Driver updates
    • Support For HP Printers Internet, peripherals and devices connection
    • Antivirus & antispyware support
    • Solutions for your PC optimization

    Call 1-855-844-5577 Annual Unlimited Tech Support

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