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Nirvaan-IT provides 24/7 specialized online technical support for Microsoft Excel Support. Microsoft Excel 2010 is the most advance version of Microsoft excel. Our Microsoft expert technicians can assist you at start using Microsoft Excel 2010 or fix your issues if currently using 2010 version

New Features of Excel 2010

Slicer filter enhancement for PivotTables that helps us to quickly and intuitively drill down and analyses data in our spreadsheet. Sparklines tiny charts designed to fit in a cell that helps us to visualize trends in the underlying data. Share publish to a SharePoint compatible server. You and your colleagues can then work on the same worksheet simultaneously. Conditional formatting is much improved. It gives you more control over styles and icons, there are improved data bars, and you have the ability to highlight specific items in a few clicks. You also can display data bars for negative values to more accurately illustrate your data visuals.

Protected View for downloaded items. Excel 2010 prevents you from editing downloaded content without your consent. 64-bit support. In fact, all of the Office 2010 apps offer 64-bit support giving you greater processing power. Greater capacity thanks to 64-bit support, the 2GB file size limit on previous versions of Excel is blown out of the water with Excel 2010. You can now work on files that have a staggering 4GB size. Get in touch 24 x 7 for Microsoft Excel 2010 Support

Nirvaan-IT Microsoft 2010 Excel Support includes:

During the running of Microsoft outlook, there can be a number of problems that arise in the process. These are required to be looked at by competent people. Trying to deal with the issues can be sometimes more detrimental to the working system of the mail and people can have serious issues arising out of the mail outlook.
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 installation
  • Fixing all your current issues with Microsoft Excel 2010,
  • Support at updating Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Document repair issues,
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 not responding issues,
  • Certified technical support any Microsoft Excel 2010 issues

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